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Adax Cormorano shoulder bag Rianne



4-5 arkipäivän
9,5 €

Rianne is a beautiful shoulder bag with a minimalist design inspired by today’s trends and shapes, which creates a light and elegant look. Rianne is perfect for a light and smaller everyday bag. With Rianne you get both a nice and very spacious shoulder bag that can do your most essential things like mobile, keys, purse, and cosmetics. 

The shoulder strap can be adjusted with a fine silver buckle in several positions. 

The shoulder bag is hand-sewn in our high-quality cormorano calfskin, and can with the right treatment last for many years.

  • Measurements: 20 cm. x 17 cm. x 8 cm.
  • Strap: 46 cm.
  • Drop 32 cm
Tuotetunnus (SKU) 850039