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Adax Salerno wallet Trude



4-5 arkipäivän
9,5 €

Trude is a gorgeous wallet in a great size with room for many cards and separated in two parts. In addition, is has a pretty glowing surface, which gives it an elegant look. The first part has a zipper closure and consists of two rooms and two thin pockets. The other part has a push button closure and consists of 12 card holders and two thin pockets.

This wallet is protected against RFID reading, which makes it impossible to read your payment card details without your knowledge and accept. This will protect you against possible misuse and theft.

Our Salerno collection is characterized by its classic design and is made from a base of our bestsellers while introducing new shapes. Salerno leather of the highest quality and uncompromising design. These styles offer long durability with a distinctive surface that only gets more beautiful with time.

  • Measurements: 16 cm. x 8 cm. x 2 cm.
Tuotetunnus (SKU) 850041